Air—Usually the first element to be invoked, though some like to start with Earth—is drawn from the East. The colors Yellow, Pale pink or white may represent the Element of Air.

Air represents knowledge, reason, clarity, intellect, grace, sense and the power ‘To Know’. Air people are usually extremely book smart with clear common sense—those who feel they are opposite, meditating with concentration on the element Air—or Sylphs will help you become more in-tune. Air is beneficial for matters of intelligence—or when you need to understand what you are doing; or attempting to accomplish.

Altar tools that correspond with Air are—The Athame, Wand, Bell, Censer, Bird Feathers—or what ever may feel comfortable to you; and represent the element in your mind. 

When invoking it—feel the life sustaining air in your lungs and acknowledge your breath. Sense the hardly noticeable breeze on your arms, against your cheek or through your hair. Breathe in the cool, calming and inspiring element of Air.

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